Taking card payments for your business? These payment providers work with ANNA

11 May, 2020 · 3 min read

Whether you sell products or services online or in person, many small businesses rely on card payments to get paid. It’s a great way to get paid, because it’s pretty instant – and it saves you making and chasing invoice payments once the work is done.

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There are tons of choices out there depending on how much you take in revenue, whether you need a card reader and if you take payments in anything other than pounds (£GBP) too. Below is a list of payment providers that will work with your ANNA business account.

Please note: as we're migrating to a new payments platform (Railsbank) after the Wirecard-related events of this summer, some of these payment providers aren't currently compatible with Railsbank.

If you join ANNA after 4 September, these providers won't work until we can enable Direct Debits on your account. This may not happen until the end of the year. As an alternative option, you can start accepting payments right after signing up, using your ANNA payment link, or print out a QR code directing to the link and place it in your place of business. We can even print the QR stickers and mail them to you – just ping us at
Check out our step by step instructions to ANNA payment links.

If you joined ANNA before 4 September, you can continue to set payouts to go to your Wirecard account during the migration period – the providers listed below do support Wirecard accounts.

Mobile card readers that work with ANNA

These providers will send you out a nice-looking card reader, and get you set up instantly through their mobile apps. Most will get you the card reader with free next day delivery. Fees are simple to understand and most of their fees are comparable. Perfect for anyone selling in retail and needing to accept card and mobile payments, whether it’s with chip and pin or contactless payments.

Square reader is £19
1.75% transaction fee

Sumup reader is £29
1.69% transaction fee

iZettle reader is £29
1.75% transaction fee

Elavon reader is £29 reader
1.75% transaction fee

Online payment providers that work with ANNA (no card reader)

These providers act as a payment processor (whether your customer uses a card or some other means), but don’t provide you with a card reader. Ideal for businesses who have websites, or online stores with eBay, Etsy, and want to accept payment with credit cards or debit cards. Some can set you up in minutes, others have application processes and make you “speak to our sales team” which is slightly annoying. Transaction fees are below each one.

1.4% + 20p for European cards, 2.9% + 20p for non-European cards

2.9% + 30p – a bit more detail on their fees here 

Amazon Payments
2.7% + 30p, cheaper when you bill more than £50k a month

Amazon Business Seller
Their fee outline can be found on this link, it’s not very simple

1% + 20p, with a £4 cap 

Payatrader / PayaCard
£99 setup, 2.3% fee
They can make your phone into a virtual terminal when taking payments on the job 

Traditional payment providers that work with ANNA

These types of payment providers typically charge a monthly fee, have minimum contract lengths and also charge transaction fees on top. If you’re a bigger business bringing in large revenues and doing thousands of transactions, these providers will make a lot of sense - less so for smaller businesses. ANNA will work with:


Barclaycard PDQ 

Evo payments 


You can also get paid instantly with QR codes into your ANNA account too

If none of those options above are for you, or you don’t want to pay any fees but still want to be paid instantly – we have a great solution that is available to all our customers.

Inside the ANNA app you can simply type “get paid”, and ANNA will create a QR code on your mobile phone screen, that your customer can scan with their phone (they don’t need ANNA) and pay you instantly online.

There’s more about how this works in this blog post from back in February (in those hazy days before lockdown – remember those?).

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