Get Free MTD VAT Google Spreadsheet templates

ANNA’s free templates for VAT filing

We created Making Tax Digital (MTD) Google spreadsheet templates that make it easy to calculate and file your VAT Return through our bridging tool

Get the Standard Rate templateGet the Flat Rate template

Use the templates in 3 simple steps

Step 1

Open the template in Google Sheets

Step 2

Make a copy in your own Google Drive

Step 3

Use the add-on for your VAT filing

Make a copy

How to use it

Make your own copy of the ANNA template. Just open the template in Google Sheets, go to File and select ‘Make a copy’ from the menu

Use Free Google Sheets add-on for Making Tax Digital for VAT

File your VAT return from Google Sheets

Install the ANNA add-on in Google Sheets, fill in the 9 boxes, connect to HMRC and get filing

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