Meet the team
The people behind ANNA
ANNA stands for Absolutely No Nonsense Admin. We make really useful things for your business, from our award-winning business account to bookkeeping software and tax tools. We’re very proud to make a real difference to small businesses around the UK.

Who we are

ANNA was founded in 2017 by experts in banking, finance, customer service, and admin.

Boris Dyakonov
Has worked in the banking sector since he was 21. Co-founded Bank24 in Russia
Eduard Panteleev
Launched three successful banking businesses alongside Boris
Andrey Pachay
Takes care of all infrastructure, technology, and security
Alex Kokovin
Head of business accounting
Alex leads every aspect of our business account product
Franca Salvati
Fraud and Compliance
Leads our fraud and compliance teams
Lou Hewlett
Head of customer support
Leads our award-winning customer support team from our Cardiff office
Nikita Filippov
Leads product development, service, and feature innovation
Slava Akulov
Head of Business Tools
Leads the ANNA Business Tools division
Daljit Singh
Responsible for design and brand marketing
Andrew Doman
Independent Director
Former director at McKinsey, An expert on financial services
Maka Danielova
Head of digital marketing
Leads digital marketing and customer acquisition
Andy Moore
Head of product design
Leads the design of digital products and experience
Juria Young
Design Director
Ensures the design teams deliver a consistent product experience

Work with us

We’re hiring!

Take a look at our current vacancies and see if a career with ANNA is up your street.

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ANNA is a business account with an assistant that sorts your financial admin. And it’s all free while you’re starting up.
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