New — get paid on the spot by QR code

3 February, 2020 · 1 min read

Get paid little and often? With cheque books becoming a thing of the past, online payment is taking over — but all those sneaky transaction fees can really add up. New QR code payments from ANNA allow you to get paid on the spot, simply, securely and commission-free.

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Chuck away the cheque book (if you haven’t already)

Many self-employed people rely on regular, small payments for jobs. If you have a dog-walking or plumbing business, for example, you might get paid a dozen times over the space of a month. In an increasingly cashless world, which payment option do you choose?

Cheque books are becoming museum pieces. Card and contactless payment devices can be costly, cumbersome and rely on payment services like PayPal that slap on transaction fees every time. Issuing invoices and waiting to be paid involves yet more admin you don’t need. Now there’s a new way: on-the-spot payment by QR code, straight into your ANNA account.

All you need is your phone

With payment by QR code, there’s no need for physical payment terminals or bank cards. You just present your customer with the code on your phone and they can pay you right away.

When you want to get paid, simply:

  • Open your ANNA app
  • Type ‘Get paid’ into chat
  • Enter the amount you want to be paid
  • Ask your client to photograph the unique QR code ANNA generates
  • Hang fire while they connect to their bank and authorise payment. Ta dah!

Thanks to Open Banking, ANNA can connect to virtually every major bank, whoever your client has an account with. They simply select their bank, confirm payment and the money is securely transferred to your ANNA account. Easy as that.

If you like, you can still add an invoice to keep your accounts tidy. See how ANNA does your invoicing

Want to know more about QR code payments? Just ask us in the ANNA app.

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