Receipt scanner

Bye-bye, paper receipts

Piles of receipts keeping you awake at night? ANNA snaps and sorts them on the go, saving you the time and hassle.

Snap it
Record your expenses on the go with instant receipt capture
Sort it
ANNA automatically categorises your expenses, ready for your tax return
Save it
Store receipts digitally and never worry about lost receipts

Receipt capture

No more missing receipts

Never lose another receipt. Each time you pay with your ANNA business debit card, we’ll prompt you to photograph your receipt so you’ve got it safely stored. Phew.

Expense categorization

Ditch the data entry

So long, spreadsheets. Thanks to AI tech, ANNA scans your receipt, stores the details and assigns an expense category, without you having to type a thing.

Coming soon — send us your paper receipts
Bundles of receipts gathering dust? Post them to us and we’ll scan and store them with all the others.

Automated bookkeeping

Simplify your financial life

Life’s busy enough without having your financial data scattered in different places. With ANNA, all your expenses, invoices and transactions are kept together, accessible by you or your accountant at any time.

Stay in control with expense reports
All your expenses are automatically categorised and summarised in reports, so you can see exactly where your money’s going.
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Frequently asked questions
What expenses can I claim?
    As a rough guide, allowable expenses include:
  • Office costs, like stationery and phone bills
  • Travel costs, like parking, train and bus fares
  • Clothing that’s for work purposes, like uniforms or protective gear
  • Staff costs, like salaries and subcontractor costs
  • Stock and raw materials
  • Financial costs, like insurance and bank charges
  • Business premise costs, like heating, lighting and business rates
  • Advertising and marketing, including website costs
  • Training courses

Sign up in less than 5 minutes

ANNA is a business account with an assistant that sorts your financial admin. And it’s all free while you’re starting up.
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