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Ethics Statement

At ANNA we’re aware of the social, economic and environmental impact of everything we do, and we’re equally aware of our responsibilities to pursue the social good. This policy outlines how our values and ethics shape our business and the way we work.
At the heart of our values is a belief in transparency, fairness and inclusion. This means no hidden or rip-off fees and no hard sell to customers. It also means listening to our customers, even when they’re saying things that are critical of ANNA.
ANNA will always behave with the highest levels of integrity, truthfulness, and honesty – not just to uphold our personal and corporate reputations but to inspire confidence and trust in the things we do. We’ll always do business in ways that are competent, fair and impartial.
1. Treating customers fairly
  1. Our environmental commitments:
  1. Ensuring our customers’ voices are always heard
  2. Ditching the jargon – we talk to our customers in plain language that they can understand
  3. Being transparent about fees and charges and keeping them at reasonable levels
  4. Involving our customers in making sure our products meet their needs
  5. Supporting staff who work with vulnerable customers
  6. Taking account of the needs of vulnerable customers and paying attention to possible indicators of vulnerability
  7. Taking a responsible approach to lending, and helping customers recognise borrowing patterns that look unsustainable or irresponsible
  1. ANNA aims for the following outcomes:
  1. We want our customers to feel confident ANNA will always treat them fairly
  2. ANNA customers are always given clear information about what they are signing up for
  3. When we give customers advice, it’s always fair and takes into account their specific circumstances
  4. Our products always perform as we’ve told customers they will, and we always provide the agreed level of customer support
  5. We make it straightforward for our customers to change products, make a claim or make a complaint about ANNA
2. Workplace culture
  1. We’re committed to creating a workplace culture that reflects our values of fairness, equity, inclusion, compassion and non-discrimination. Our employees should always feel safe from harassment and bullying. Our People Policies include:
  1. Caregiver leave
  2. Compassionate leave
  3. Learning budgets
  4. Mental health support
  5. Diversity and inclusion
  6. Dignity at work
  7. Take a break allowance
  8. Paid time off for public duties
  1. All ANNA employees are treated with dignity and respect with equal employment opportunities given to all, no matter their race, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, maternity, marital status, family status, disability, age, or national origin.
  1. Employees are offered a safe and healthy workplace and ANNA will not tolerate any form of harassment.
3. Environment
  1. Our environmental commitments:
  1. The packaging for our cards is fully recyclable
  2. We promote recycling in our offices
  3. All UK ANNA colleagues can take part in the Cycle to Work scheme, making it easier for them to use a more environmentally friendly way to get to work
  1. The money in all ANNA business accounts is held in a secure ring-fenced account. This account isn’t used for any type of investment therefore not only is our customers’ money safe, it isn’t invested in any environmentally-harmful industries.
4. Reputable
  1. ANNA has excellent reviews. As of March 2023, we have over 2,000 Trustpilot reviews with an average review score of 4.7 out of 5 stars.
  1. We have strong leadership, governance, systems and controls. We want to build long-term partnerships with our customers by always being honest and straightforward. We will always respect the confidentiality of any information that relates to our customers.
  1. We keep records that help reflect our culture and behaviour. These include:
  1. the amount and nature of customer complaints
  2. the results of workshops or focus groups with customers or employees
  3. employee feedback surveys
  4. appraisal/exit interviews
  5. employee self-certification regarding policies and procedures
  6. data from fit-and-proper processes
  1. These are the values and principles that help guide our conduct and culture:
  1. Honesty: Speaking and acting truthfully and ethically
  2. Competence: Knowledge and skills to do the job well
  3. Respect: Care and consideration for colleagues, customers and community
  4. Openness: Open to challenges and review, as well as sharing ideas and good practices
  5. Reliability: Consistently meeting external and internal commitments
  6. Responsiveness: Ability to adapt and innovate
  7. Accountability: Willing to accept responsibility
  8. Personal/organisational resilience: Capacity to recover quickly from difficulties and setbacks
5. Government, Regulators, and Legislators
  1. ANNA will always comply with all international, national, and local legislation that affect our operations. We’ll strive to follow the best practices of corporate governance. We’ll meet our tax obligations, and we won’t make any financial contributions or offer support to any political party.
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