The quick, easy way to file your VAT Return

Automatically calculate your VAT within ANNA, or upload your VAT Return as an Excel spreadsheet and file it to HMRC in a jiffy. It’s simple, easy and fully compliant with Making Tax Digital.

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File VAT from your Excel spreadsheet for free

Submit your VAT Return from any Excel or Google Sheets spreadsheet. It’s MTD-compliant and it’s completely free.

Prepare your VAT return

No Excel file? We’ll calculate your VAT automatically

Connect your business bank account and we’ll calculate your VAT and file it for you, for just £6 a month.

More than 10,000 companies have already filed VAT Returns with ANNA


How it works

If you’ve already prepared a VAT Return in an Excel file, then you can just upload and submit it.

If you don’t have a prepared VAT Return, we’ll do it for you. Just connect your bank account. ANNA automatically sorts all your transactions into VAT categories and extracts the VAT from your receipts.

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How to file a VAT return to HMRC for free

Is it really free?

Yes. You can file your VAT Return through ANNA for free. We have no plans to charge for this service.

As well as filing VAT Returns, ANNA provides plenty of other useful business tools. The majority of them are free. Some, like automated VAT calculation, involve a small fee.

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