ANNA is all for you

Award-winning, round the clock customer support

1m 10s
Current time to chat to a human
Last 6 hours (median)
Send professional invoices
Ditch the spreadsheets and get paid faster. ANNA can create and send professional looking invoices, and chase them when they’re overdue
Sort your expenses
Piles of receipts keeping you awake at night? Save time doing expenses - snap receipts and ANNA matches them to transactions on the go
Give accountant access
Your accountant will love you for using ANNA. Make their life easier with realtime access to your sales and expenses
Manage multiple cards
Give co-workers their own ANNA debit card, set a spending limit, and stay on top of your all your company expenses
Your own payment link
Share your personal payment link to accept payments from your customers without sharing your banking details
Direct Debits
You can set up direct debits at no extra charge – whatever your pricing plan. All payments are protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee Scheme
Schedule repeat payments
Need to pay someone regularly? Set up a scheduled payment and ANNA will send it for you when the time comes. We’ll notify you in advance, so you can make changes if necessary
Do payroll on the go
ANNA's simple tool can help you make bulk payments through the app, so you can pay all your employees in one go
Pay as you go
No monthly fee, just pay for what you use
Best for businesses
£14.90 + VAT per month
All the essentials to get your business growing
Big business
£49.90 + VAT per month
Everything your business needs to thrive
Local payments in and out
20p per transfer
50 free per month, then 20p per transfer
Cashpoint withdrawals
£1 per withdrawal
3 free per month, then £1 per withdrawal
International payments
£5 per payment
1 free per month, then £5 per payment
4 free per month, then £5 per payment
Currency conversion (markup) fee
Personal payment link for accepting payments
1% per transaction
Up to £200 per month, then 1% fee applies
Additional debit cards
£3 per card per month
Up to 5 included, then £3 per card per month
The free allowances and discounts included in this plan are worth £35
* Some restrictions still apply – ask us in chat if you need a bespoke plan for your business
The reviews are in
How do I sign up?
It couldn't be easier to get a business account with ANNA.
Enter your mobile number
Download the app
Grab your driving licence or passport to verify your ID
Answer a few simple questions about your business
Bingo, all set.
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