Notes in transactions: add context to your payments

4 August, 2020 · 3 min read

In a recent ANNA update, we’ve added a small but rather handy feature: you can now add notes to your transactions. Why would you want to do that? Two reasons.

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It works well with your transaction history

Sometimes you want to make one incoming or outgoing payment stand out in your account history, just to remember what you paid or received money for specifically – now you can add a note to it. The note is private to you only – it doesn’t go out to another bank with a payment, or to your transaction history if you happen to have your ANNA account connected to Xero or just export the account history to other accounting software.

It works very well with the payment links

We’ve improved the payment links we launched recently: your personal payment page now has a field where someone paying you can leave a comment. It’s useful when you have several services or goods that cost the same amount and you want an easy way to distinguish between the similar incoming payments. 

Let’s say you’re making candles and keyholders, and they all cost £15 each – this means if 10 people pay you within one day, you’re going to have a payment history of 10 identical incoming £15 payments.

Now, people buying those candles and keyholders through your payment link may specify what exactly they’re paying for, and their comments will go straight into the incoming payment’s note. This makes it much easier for you to see which of your goods are more popular. You can edit the notes people left, and they are private to you and your ANNA account.

How to add notes to payments

Select a transaction in your account history and look for the “Note” option – then hit the plus sign to add a note. Done!

People paying you via your payment link will see an additional text field on the page – whatever they put in there goes straight into the incoming payment’s note for you to see.

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