Open a business account in the UK

Beyond ordinary business banking

Get a business account in less than 10 minutes, and a business debit card that miaows. Yes, really.

UK business bank account

Business debit card

Speedy does it

If you’ve got your ID to hand, you can get your UK business account and sort code in as little as 3 minutes.

Virtual business debit cards

Don’t wait for the card to arrive

Issue a virtual card right after signup and start making payments with it even before your ANNA Money business debit card arrives in the mail.

Get paid online

Payment link and webpage

You get a personal webpage with a link to put on your business’s Instagram profile or anywhere else you want – or to send it to someone directly.

Pay cash

Top up your account in cash

Trading in cash? You can now pay it into your account at thousands of PayPoints across the country

Only for ANNA customers

Special offers from our partners

We’ve partnered up with a load of different companies to bring you deals and promotions for you and your business. If you see something that benefits you, simply ask us in chat.

Use Apple Pay with your ANNA account

Pay with your iPhone

You can now use ANNA Money with Apple Pay. It’s the simple, secure, and private way to pay. There’s no need to even carry your card – your iPhone or Apple Watch is enough.

No employee reimbursements

Get a grip on expenses

Avoid the faff of reimbursing employee expenses. Give co-workers their own ANNA debit card, set a spending limit, and the ANNA app automatically sorts their expenses.

Use Google Pay with your ANNA account

Pay with your phone

You can now use ANNA Money with Google Pay™. It’s the fast, simple, and secure way to pay at millions of places – on sites, in apps, and in stores. With Google Pay there’s no need to dig for your cards – you can pay quickly and easily with the device that’s already in your hand.

Money saving Pots in a business account

Save money with ANNA

Create pots in your business account to save up for taxes, salaries or other expenses. You can manually transfer money into and out of pots or set up automatic top-ups and recurring payments

Instant payment notifications

Manage money in and out

ANNA instantly updates you when a payment comes in or out of your account, helping you keep on top of your cash-flow. Because who has time to dig through statements?

Set up direct debits

Free direct debits

You can set up direct debits at no extra charge, whatever your pricing plan. All payments are protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee Scheme.

Set up standing orders

Scheduled & recurring payments

Need to pay someone regularly? Set up a scheduled payment and ANNA will send it for you when the time comes. We’ll notify you in advance so you can make changes if necessary.

Business account cashback

Free money for your business

Earn 1% cashback when you use your ANNA debit card to pay for a range of business expenses, like train travel and food. For many of our customers, ANNA ends up paying for itself.


Small business loans

Flexible credit options for your business

ANNA works with partners to find you additional financial support, tailored to the needs of your business

Open banking

The place to see all your finances

Thanks to Open Banking, you can connect your other business and personal accounts to ANNA to keep a closer eye on your money.

What does ANNA cost?

Pay As You Go

No monthly fee but you pay for what you use
  • Local transfers in and out

    20p per bank transfer

  • ATM withdrawals

    £1 per ATM withdrawal

  • International payments

    £5 per SWIFT payment

  • Currency conversion fee for transfers


  • Personal payment link for accepting payments

    Payment link with 1% commission

  • Additional debit cards

    1 debit card included, £3 per extra card, per month

  • Pay cash in

    Pay cash in with 1% commission

  • Pots

    £1 per pot monthly

  • Cashback on purchases

    1% on select categories

  • Prices are shown before VAT



    All the essentials to get your business growing
    1 month free

    £14.90 + VAT per month

    or £149 a year +VAT if billed annually

    +Taxes included
    Free tax and bookkeeping tools for one month
    Unlimited in your first month
  • Local transfers in and out

    50 free bank transfers per month 20p per transfer after that

  • ATM withdrawals

    3 free ATM withdrawals per month £1 per withdrawal after that

  • International payments

    1 free SWIFT payment £5 per payment after that

  • Currency conversion fee for transfers


  • Personal payment link for accepting payments

    Free payment link usage up to £200 per month, 1% commission after that

  • Additional debit cards

    Up to 5 debit cards included £3 per card, per month after that

  • Pay cash in

    Pay in up to £300 cash per month for free, 1% commission after that

  • Pots

    2 free pots, £1 per pot, per month after that

  • Cashback on purchases

    1% on select categories

  • The free allowances and discounts included in this plan are worth £40

  • Big Business

    Everything your business needs to thrive

    + VAT per month

    Or £499 a year +VAT if billed annually

  • Local transfers in and out

    Unlimited free bank transfers

  • ATM withdrawals

    Unlimited free ATM withdrawals

  • International payments

    4 free SWIFT payments per month £5 per payment after that

  • Currency conversion fee for transfers


  • Personal payment link for accepting payments

    Unlimited, commission-free payment link usage

  • Additional debit cards

    Unlimited free debit cards

  • Pay cash in

    Pay cash into your account commission free

  • Pots

    Unlimited pots

  • Cashback on purchases

    1% on select categories

  • Some restrictions still apply – ask us in chat if you need a bespoke plan for your business

  • The reviews are in

    How to use the ANNA Money business account

    ANNA business account overview
    How to get paid with ANNA business account
    How to make a payment from the ANNA Money mobile app
    Get paid quickly with your personal payment link

    Is ANNA FSCS protected?

    ANNA is not a bank, so your money is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). However, your money is still safe since it’s not used for loans, and is in fact secured by a procedure called Safeguarding that is applied to e-money institutions.
    You can read more about FSCS and keeping your money secure in our dedicated blog post.
    Frequently asked questions
    Do I need a business account?

    If you’re a sole trader, then it’s a sensible move to open a business account. If you’re running a limited company, then having a dedicated account for your business is mandatory – because your business is legally a separate entity.

    ANNA was created with freelancers, small businesses, and creative types in mind. If you’re a sole trader, a director of a limited company (and you’re listed on Companies House) or a partner in a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) then an ANNA business account will be suitable for you.

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