8 ways British businesses are proving their creativity in spite of COVID-19

20 March, 2020 · 3 min read

There’s never been a more challenging time for British businesses. It’s almost too obvious a point to dwell on. At ANNA we hope the government will deliver on their promise to “do whatever it takes” to help all businesses stay open and survive through troubling times and a potential coronavirus ‘lockdown’ that many are predicting.
But we’ve also noticed many examples of the “British creativity” that Boris Johnson called on in his speech, showing how small businesses (and a couple of big ones) are showing how they will prevail in spite of falling demand, spiralling costs and potentially empty streets. This post is dedicated to all those people who make amazing things happen in the face of adversity.

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Brewdog launches “Punk Sanitiser” to help the UK shortfall

Hand sanitiser has never been so cool.
Hand sanitiser has never been so cool.

Who would have thought hand sanitiser would get the hipster treatment as a result of a global pandemic? Brewdog have proven both their ingenuity and generosity by launching Punk Sanitiser. The product will be ready as early as next week, and will be given to local charities and the community in Aberdeenshire. Other distilleries are doing it too, Verdant Spirits (Dundee), Psychopomp (Bristol) and 58 Gin (London) are a few examples. Round of applause for all of them. 

Feast start delivering meals direct to your home

2 weeks ago Feast London was an independent catering business making yummy breakfast and lunch for businesses at Pret prices. Now it’s Feast at home, delivering yummy breakfast and lunch to everyone's homes either frozen (hand delivered) or piping hot (via Deliveroo) across a bunch of West London postcodes.

Lifefulness Project attempts a world record singalong

Culture startup The Lifefulness project is going for a big record every weekday, with their “Get Vibey” idea. They want 293,979 people to tune in and sing together, what else are you doing at 5pm each day? Not still working, surely.

Local pubs start delivering food on Deliveroo

Social distancing has probably hit the hospitality industry more than anywhere else, with people not supposed to be within 1 or 2 metres of each other at any one time. Pubs across the UK are now offering their tasty meals for local delivery. Deliveroo is about to get REALLY good.

And offering their spare vegetables in food and essential packages

This is a great idea. With the supermarkets empty of anything tasty or essential (tins of Scotch broth are reportedly still available), The Chancery in Beckenham is selling 2-pint takeaways and boxes of essentials like toilet rolls and vegetables. You know, the stuff everyone else is panic buying.

Even breweries start delivering direct to the consumer

You know it’s a Welsh brewery selling their booze direct to consumer when one of the ways to get hold of them is “give John a beep and a wave”. Legends.

Virtual raves from Defected. You heard that right

Close your blinds, fit your glitterball (back) on the ceiling in your living room. And tune into the Defected Virtual Festival on the 20th March at midday. Yes, that's right. Midday. Noon. It's never too early to rave.

Fitness classes start being streamed at home

The best reasons for not making a fitness class? It’s too late, too rainy, too far, too dark, too early or too Tuesday. Now there’s no more excuses as everything from Spinning, HIIT, even Kids Zumba go onto live streaming.

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