Meet our intern Georgia Hirth

21 May, 2024 · 5 min read

We had a quick chat with Georgia Hirth about why she applied for the Tax Terrapin internship, what she achieved in the four weeks she was with the ANNA team, and her thoughts on hula hooping and Sam Quealy…

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What do you do at ANNA? What team are you in?

My name is Georgia Hirth (find me on LinkedIn here) and I applied for the internship as ANNA's first Chief Terrapin Attendant. I worked with Nick Turusin’s data science team for 4 weeks to help make the company’s AI taxbot even smarter and more helpful for people with tax questions.

I was interested in the role because I have a background in Fine Art and UX/Product Design.

How have you made a difference for ANNA customers?

Probably the most noticeable thing I did was improve the structure of Tax Terrapin’s answers by formatting them to include headings, numbered bullet points and a conclusion. So the answers are clearer to read and easier to understand for customers. Unknown to me, this was called ‘prompt engineering’.

I also helped Terrapin with its certification as a tax advisor. By combining two Large Language Models – Claude3 and GPT 4 –  we improved its response accuracy by up to 5% and Terrapin passed the CIMA 3 exam (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants exam). The process involved having all initial questions handled by GPT4, but if it detected that the question might require any calculations, it would redirect the question to Claude. Terrapin has now passed all 4 first levels in bookkeeping!

Want to know the details? Read the blog post about how Terrapin was able to pass ATT, ACCA and CIMA certification exams

What was a typical day for you at ANNA?

I had meetings with Nick daily to talk through my daily and weekly goals and attended the Admin team's daily ‘Stand-up Meetings’ to give them updates on what I was working on and my progress. I had a lot of autonomy in approaching different tasks, which allowed me to tailor the internship based on my skill set. This was a hybrid role, which meant I was in the office twice a week and worked from home the rest of the time.

As part of my internship, I also got to host a talk with BizDev Women, a dynamic networking group dedicated to connecting women in business. Hearing about the wonderful women and their businesses was an eye-opening experience. It was my first time doing something like this, and I loved stepping out of my comfort zone and developing a new skill.

Would you recommend ANNA to others looking to get into Fintech?

As a neurodivergent individual, I was conscious of how I’d fit into the company but I quickly found that the ANNA team was supportive and open to my ideas so I relaxed and enjoyed myself. The internship was mentally stimulating and gave me a better understanding of how we can interact with AI. Who knew that taxes could be so interesting?! I made a significant impact in a short time with my improvements to Terrapin and these accomplishments are now valuable additions to my CV.

What’s next for you?

Although I'm uncertain about my future career, I'll apply the skills and knowledge I’ve gained during my short time here to whatever I do next. Both Terrapin and I never want to stop learning and developing!

What’s your favourite thing to do when you’re not at work?

I enjoy Hula Hooping and even performed a show for the ANNA team at their monthly Brunch event.

What song always gets you dancing?

I am currently obsessed with Sam Quealy – Watch Me Now.

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