Meet Mystic Mog, ANNA’s AI cat astrologist

24 April, 2023 · 5 min read

A few weeks ago everyone in the ANNA office got together for a special AI Research and Development Day, brainstorming different ways we could use AI to improve our customers’ experience with ANNA. Along with a lot of serious suggestions – we’ll cover those in a different blogpost – we also came up with some sillier ideas, which brings us neatly to… Mystic Mog

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Introducing Mystic Mog

ANNA is well-known as a pioneer of AI. But we’re also known for our love of cats (there’s a reason our debit card miaows). So we decided to combine them. We used OpenAI’s GPT system to create Mystic Mog, the world’s very first business-facing astrological cat, who delivers AI-created astrological insights for your business.

Note: we’re not suggesting anyone take the insights seriously. At ANNA, we do not believe any business should actually be guided by a fictional astrological cat.

So how does it work?

Business owners (they don’t even have to be ANNA customers) provide us with basic information about their business – name, time and place it was registered etc – and we’ll email them their business’s birth chart, complete with supernatural (well, AI-created) Zodiac insights from Mystic Mog.

So why have we done this?

Partly because it’s a fun demonstration of the versatility of AI. But mainly because we think that anything that gets business owners thinking about the future of their business is a good thing. If Mystic Mog gets people to start making clearer business plans, or pondering where they want their business to be in a year’s time, that can only be a good thing.

After all, in reality none of us can predict the future, so it’s up to every business owner to make sure their business is as equipped as possible to face whatever the future brings.

Try Mystic Mog yourself

Try using our AI cat astrologist – just fill in the form and wait for the result to hit your email inbox. And please share the results with us, we're very curious about the astrological insights this experiment generates!

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