ANNA, AI and happy businesses

1 February, 2024 · 4 min read

AI is changing the way fintech companies operate, and ANNA is no exception. We’ve always embraced the potential of AI but balanced it with the need for great customer service delivered by actual real-life people. In this blog post we look at ANNA’s approach towards AI.

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Happy businesses

At ANNA we want happy businesses. Our belief is that we can make businesses happy by putting our customers in control of their business finances.

We think that when technology works well, you don’t really notice it. It’s easy-to-use, frictionless and reliable. And that’s ANNA’s approach to AI: we don’t try to dazzle with smoke and mirrors, we just use AI to deliver a service that just works really well. 

For ANNA, AI means fast, accurate tax calculations, smooth compliance, intuitive tools and personalised customer service (aided by our customer support team in Cardiff). Our aim is for AI to make everything smarter, quicker and more efficient. We’re big fans of “boring” AI that doesn’t make headlines but handles a lot of the routine tasks that can take people hours – or days – to do.

We consider ourselves experts in AI, but we know that technology should be the means – not the end. When people order an Uber or Bolt most customers don’t need to know how their algorithm plots the route or calculates the fare – they just want to get from A to B quickly, safely and at a fair price. We feel the same way about running business accounts and tax software: of course we want complete transparency about our approach to AI, but we’re more focused on delivering customer satisfaction than lecturing anyone about how we do it.

With AI trust and confidence are important. When you go to a doctor or lawyer you know they’ve had years of training, are properly accredited, know the limits of their expertise and are accountable for the decisions they make. We demand the same from our AI, because we want you, the customer, to feel absolute confidence in ANNA.

Ultimately, we don’t want customers shouting about how great our AI is. We want them to use ANNA to grow very happy businesses.

At ANNA we have a motto: We are pioneers in fintech AI, providing a useful, dependable service that lets our customers run their businesses with confidence.

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