What it costs

Everything’s free for the first 3 months

After that, how much you pay depends on how much you use ANNA. If you don’t use your account one month, you don’t pay anything the next one.

What you pay depends
on your business
a month
a month
a month
Monthly income
under £2,000
Maximum balance
Monthly income
Maximum balance
Monthly income
over £100,000
Maximum balance
What you get
Business account, account no. and sort code
Debit cardUp to 2 cardsUp to 5 cardsUnlimited cards
Multiple user accessUp to 3 usersUnlimited users
Direct debits
Connect other bank accounts
Free local transfers 10 per month25 per monthUnlimited
Free international transfers Coming soonComing soon
Free ATM withdrawalsUp to £300 per monthUp to £2,000 per monthUp to £10,000 per month
Instant payment notifications
1% cashback on purchases
Invoice management
Create and send invoices
Add your logo to invoices
Create invoices with no ANNA branding
Invoice templatesComing soonComing soon
Invoice reminders
Invoice reports
Coming soonComing soon
Auto-match payments to invoices
CSV reports
Integration to accounting software (Quickbooks, Xero)Coming soonComing soon
Expense management automation & accounting
Receipt capture
Store receipts digitally
Coming soon
Auto-match payments to expenses
Access for your accountant
Tax calculation and filing to HMRCComing soon
Payroll projectsComing soon
Sign up and the first 3 months are on us

Account limits

ANNA has a range of account tiers and limits depending on the size and needs of your business. When your ANNA debit card is activated, you’ll be in Tier B. If you want to change tiers for free, just ask us in the app.

Tier B account limits
Maximum card balance
Faster payments
Card transaction
ATM withdrawal
Enjoy a swift set-up
Take 10 minutes to open your account and get an ANNA Mastercard® within 5 working days.
Forget admin faff
ANNA will create, send, and politely chase all your invoices. Because who has the patience.
Support round the clock
We’ll get back to you within 10 minutes on the ANNA app or we’ll refund you that month’s £11 subscription.
How do I sign up?
It couldn’t be easier to get a business account with ANNA.
Enter your mobile number
Download the app
Grab your driving licence or passport to verify your ID
Answer a few simple questions about your business
Bingo, all set.
Got a burning question?
24/7 support
10-minute response time
Live chat with people in the UK