Do you eat worms for breakfast? Our Early Birds do.

3 July, 2018 · 1 min read

We are looking for 2,000 small businesses to help us teach ANNA, our artificial intelligence service, to do your finance admin.

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Open a business account with ANNA and get your taxes sorted
With ANNA you get a debit card, automated bookkeeping, a personal payment link, 1% cashback and 24/7 customer support

It all starts with human to human interactions. You ask ANNA to do things for you – create and pay invoices, chase late payments – and our support team helps you to do it. As long as it’s within the realm of finance admin, we’ll help you. Most of the time your requests will pass across a human’s computer screen, and you’ll speak to real people.

The next part is more complicated behind the scenes, but it’s the good part. Our developers monitor these interactions, and use language analysis and machine learning to start to automate the requests you put through ANNA: beginning to remember client’s names, important financial dates, sending regular reports to help your accountant (at your request, of course), or looking out for sales or purchases invoices in your email inbox that need your attention.

Everything we do is aimed at helping save you time, using notifications to get your permissions with minimal interaction from you. Just like a human finance assistant.

What you’ll be doing for us is helping us map out the next 12–24 months of Anna. Your business needs will be our first set of automations, new features and processes. Your interactions, use of language and requests will teach the AI how to respond for others in the future. In some instances, you might be helping us just with your patience and persistence as the service is built out.

What we can promise is that you’ll get ANNA as a service free for 3 years. We’re also trying to think of some other tangible benefits – we’re open to suggestions on that. Just like we’ll ask for feedback on design updates, new conversation flows and prototypes. We’ll be as transparent as we can on where we’re going and sharing key moments and decisions.

Hopefully you’ll find being one of our Early Birds interesting and useful for your business – and eventually saving you lots of time.

Open a business account in minutes

Take the load off with ANNA, the business current account that sorts your invoices and expenses.
Enter your mobile number
Get a business account and a debit card that miaows
We create, send and chase up your invoices
We snap and sort your business expenses
Never miss a deadline, with handy tax reminders
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